Monday, October 8, 2007

Weekly Menu #6

It's a rainy day here in New Hampshire, pouring. The children have had a 4 day weekend from school. It's a great day to cozy in and regroup for the week. Here is my plan, but I think I will be switching the grilled steak to tomorrow night if this rain keeps up!

In menu planning news, Natalie of Gluten Free Mommy fame has started a gluten free menu planner. Basically there will be links to all the gluten free bloggers that plan menus in one place, although she has created a system where bloggers can take a turn to host the list.
Go on over to her blog post, titled Gluten Free Menu Swap to read how it works.

And, if you are a gluten free recipe blogger, take a look on my sidebar for the Gluten Free Recipe web ring I have started. I thought it would be great to be able to link together, and people who are just discovering these blogs would be able to see a whole list of them with descriptions once they hit the List button. This does nothing for this website, or my counts, it is all hosted elsewhere, the only benefit is that we have a stronger sense of community and a way to hook together, so check it out!

Weekly Menu #6

Monday: Teriyaki steak on the grill with roasted potatoes grilled veggies
Tuesday: Roasted Cornish Hens, steamed broccoli, and rice
Wednesday: Spaghetti with salad
Thursday: Pizza night (easy pizza , no crust pizza, or make yourself)
Friday: Eat out
Saturday: Leftovers, or easy night
Sunday: Supper - Breakfast for supper


Karen said...

Oooo, yum! I think we have the same taste in food- everything on your menu sounds simple and yummy. Thanks for the inspiration- goodness knows I need it!


Natalie said...

Cornish hens are my favorite. I make mine with wild rice sausage stuffing. Cornish hens are always impressive. Kids love it too. :) Thanks for the mention!

Slacker Mom (aka Mrs. GF) said...

Karen - Don't we all need inspiration!! (Don't forget, one night this week I have artichoke dip for supper!!)

Natalie - Is that stuffing recipe on your blog? It sounds fabulous!! Might be yum for Thanksgiving.. :)

kbabe1968 said...


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