Sunday, December 30, 2007

Cheater Sweet and Sour Chicken

Every time I walk into Walmart, it smells like sweet n sour chicken. It drives me crazy. I never really liked it, but I miss it. Crazy. I think I miss ordering out Chinese food, and the extra fat.

So, I came home and whipped up my own version. I made the sweet and sour from scratch, and it's very easy. Also, using the Bell and Evans gluten free tenders, makes it even better, as far as ease goes!!

Also, just a shortcut I use in my kitchen in the winter months, I buy mostly frozen veggies. They have the same nutritional content, are generally cheaper than fresh, and as added benefit, already chopped up. I am all for fresh vegetables, but here in New England, the snow is covering the ground, the vegetables we are getting aren't going to be all that fresh, or all that local.

Here is the original sweet and sour sauce recipe, the only thing I changed was a technique...sifting the cornstarch first so you don't have any lumps.

I am also planning on making this for New Year's Eve. We used to always order out Chinese food, this year I will make my own and have a few dishes to choose from. Yum!

Sweet and Sour Chicken - Cheater Version

Bake the chicken, cook up some veggies (I did broccoli and peppers.), combine and mix with the sauce. Serve over cooked rice and sprinkle with green onions if desired.)

Sweet and Sour Sauce

1/2 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup cider vinegar
4 tablespoons ketchup
3/4 cup pineapple juice
2 teaspoons cornstarch

Warm everything in a saucepan except cornstarch to just below a simmer without letting it boil and stir in the sifted cornstarch to thicken. Sift the cornstarch to eliminate any lumps. You can add whatever else you might like to add, onions or peppers, some pineapple.



Lea Ray said...

That looks wonderful. I miss ordering Chinese. I will definately have to try this. Thanks

Katie said...

This looks delicious. Sweet and sour chicken used to be my fav. Did you know that P.F. Changs a gluten free menu? I'm sure you do, but just wanted to make sure bc I am a big fan of ordering out from there. I love their Philips Better Lemon Chicken. :)

Mary Frances said...

That looks yummy. I may have to go back and revise my menus for the next couple of weeks to make sure we have this =)

Carrie said...

I LOVE this Ms. GF!!! I have just been CRAVING asian foods lately. (NO, i'm not pregnant) I think my gluten-free body is just absolutely in love with all these foods, many of which are naturally gluten-free!! Thanks for sharing this! I will try it soon!!

silly ack said...

I live in the Boston area and im looking for the Bell and Evans gluten free tenders. Could someone tell me where I can get them? Thank you.

Natalie said...

This looks really good. I can't wait to try this- I have not made a good sweet and sour at home yet!

Mary Frances said...

I made this tonight and it was wonderful. We'll definitely be having it again, and I'm still considering going back tonight for the leftovers.

I subbed tamari marinated tofu (breaded and pan-fried) for the chicken and that part of it was yummy as well.

Slacker Mom (aka Mrs. GF) said...

Lea Ray - I miss ordering out like crazy too. I never ordered sweet and sour chicken, but I wanted it so badly!!

Katie - I LOVE PF Chang's but it is an hour and a half away. I make it there about 2 times a year so far..but need to go more!!

Mary Frances - I am so glad that you enjoyed this. How did you fry your tofu? Did you flour it and then bread it. I have been thinking about doing that for my Pad thai, but haven't attempted it yet.

Carrie - I have always craved asian foods, the authentic as well as not, whether or not I have been pregnant or gluten free! It's all so good!

Silly Ack - I have found the bell and evans chicken at Market Basket, are they in Boston or only north of? You could also ask your store to order some for you.

Jen said...

Very good!!! I added some red pepper flakes to the sauce to give it some extra kick! Thanks for the recipe!

Slacker Mom (aka Mrs. GF) said...

Jen ~ Great idea to add the red pepper, I love spicy! I am so glad you enjoyed it. :)

Anonymous said...

I tried this tonight, but I'm not sure what I did wrong. It ended up having very little flavor and was really wattery. I'd love to try it again, as I now have all the ingredients. Help!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this! I sub out agave nectar for sugar and it's perfect! Also great with shrimp and pork! Makes life worth living again!

Mrs. G.F. said...

I am so glad that you enjoyed this! You reminded me that I need to make it again soon...maybe tonight!!

Anonymous said...

I tried this and it tastes pretty good but the sauce just would not thicken up. I tried adding a lot more cornstarch (i.e. over doubled the amount) but it never got past the liquidy state. I may have warmed the other ingredients longer than I was supposed to, if that may have any effect. Any thoughts? Thanks for all the recipes all the same!

Shannon said...

THANK YOU so much for this recipe. My son is GFCF and today is his 3rd birthday. His favorite thing EVER is sweet and sour chicken. You made a 3 year old (and his mom!) very happy. Thank you again!

Mrs. G.F. said...

Anon ~ I have no idea why it would not have thickened with your cornstarch..can cornstarch go bad & lose it's effectiveness??? I wish I had something else for you, good luck!

Shannon ~ I am so glad that I helped you in some small way. Your comment made my day. :)

Janettt said...

Here's a corn starch tip my dad passed on to me - put the corn starch you want to add in a little dish, add a tablespoon or two of cold water (or broth if you are making a soup), dissolve the cornstarch, add this solution to your sauce, give it a couple stirs - then simmer. Don't cook for too long afterwards or the sauce will thin out again (it will also thin out if you stir too vigorously)

Gunny Highway said...

My ex and I (after 36 yrs)now get along and are raising our grandson together. However she is now restricted to a gluten free diet with additional allergies (no wheat, barley, oats, rye, eggs, dairy, asparagus or avocados). I just got your Sweet & Sour Sauce (how simple). I love to cook so this is a whole new ball game for me. Now a need a recipe for GOOD tasting bread that cannot be used as a hockey puck. Thanks, I am really enjoying your website/blog. Gunny

Gluten Free Always Sick Chick said...

I tried this because I've missed Chinese food since becoming diagnosed with peanut and tree nut allergies...oh, and eggs. *sigh* And I've gone off gluten by choice (actually, I think I'm more wheat free than gluten free at the moment).

This wasn't bad. It's not what I'm used to, but it was nice that I already had all the ingredients in my pantry.

Also, sifting the corn starch didn't do any good. I still ended up with clumps and had to dig them out and sift in more corn starch. That was probably my fault, though. I'm no good at avoiding clumps in sauces and gravies. lol

Thanks, though. It was nice to get a little taste of what I've been missing.

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