Friday, September 26, 2008

(Some of) My Favorite Fall Recipes

I love fall, and rainy days. Today is such a great dreary fall day. A day that gives you a break from thinking about all the yard work that need to be done, and lets you sit and relax and listen to the rain against the windows.

My camera bit the dust, and we finally bought a new one..then after a great night out, the 1st night out with the NEW camera, with friends (happy b-day Sheri!!), we lost it. SO..although I am planning on updating this blog more than once every 4 months..I can't do anything fun without pictures! Once we settle the camera issue, I am planning on being a bit more regular with my posts.

Until then, I thought I would do a favorite fall review, looking back to some great dishes that I really enjoy.


Roast Beef with Mustard Paste and Onions sounds so much fancier than it is. It smells amazing while it is cooking, and is so easy to put together. I have made this for company quite frequently and it always goes over very well.


Chili, the perfect fall food. This is a quick, make within a half an hour, vegetarian chili and a family favorite. (This is the one pictured above.) I also love a chili made in the crock pot when I will be gone all day.


Although this was titled A Winter Version of a Classic ~ BLT (And yes, this is gluten free bread, check out the original post to get the link to it.), the apple in this makes this a perfect fall sandwich with a delicious twist, utilizing the beautiful apple season.

A little different spin (pun intended) on chicken, Chicken ~ Turned and Roasted, takes a plain chicken, roasts it, but spinning it partway through cooking makes the breast meat so much moister, and flavorful; it is well worth the small effort.


Pasta Fagioli (pasta and beans)
an Italian classic, and one that was common in my house as a girl. Other benefits, other than the fact that it is delicious, it is inexpensive to make, nutritionally fabulous for you, easy and quick to make, as well as another vegetarian dish.


Quiche of any kind is a wonderful item to have around. I make at least one a week and making the quiche crustless makes it a fast and easy meal. This is a recipe that can be changed around quite easily. I now make one with mushrooms and mozzarella cheese that is fabulous. (Recipe and picture forthcoming.)


Veal Saltimboca, yum! This recipe is made with slivers of veal, almost like a stir-fry, Italian style. Normally, you need to roll up the veal with prosciutto and sage, making the prep work longer. This speeds up the process so you could make this as a weekday meal, or a quick meal to make with the children in bed, as a late supper date with your mate.


Last but not least risotto. I adore risotto. Honestly, I have grown to love it more and more since I have gone gluten free. This Lemon and Shrimp Risotto has gotten rave reviews, it is fabulous for company, as well as for a family night. The one negative about risotto is the standing there for a half an hour stirring. Although it is well worth the effort, sometimes I just can't do it. So I tried making risotto in the crock pot. It came out a bit gummier, but the taste was still great. Perfect for a week night meal that feels like a treat. I called it, Kiss Me and Tell Me You Love Me Risotto.

I hope that you enjoyed this review of times past, I have. It is reminding me about some great recipes I haven't made in awhile. Seasonal transitions are a bit tricky..out with the tomatoes fresh firm and juicy, in with the apples, crisp, tart and juicy in a different way.

Enjoy the new season, and I will be back soon with another post.



Carrie said...

Oh how i've missed you gal!! Great post! I do lost that mustard roast! I need to put that on my "to do" list again!!

Liz said...

Yay! It's great to see you back. Those are some awesome recipes; I will definately be making the roast and risotto.

Slacker Mom (aka Mrs. GF) said...

Thank you Carrie!!

Thank you Liz!!

I had a great break, and plan on fitting in one post a week. Hopefully, I can keep that up.

I'll also stop by and check on you more!


Rachel said...

So good to see you back blogging. You have some great recipes and frankly, you were missed in the GF blogosphere! The Paris post is also great and informative.

Slacker Mom (aka Mrs. GF) said...

Rachel ~ Thank you so much!! Your post made me smile. :) I am hoping to get a new recipe up in the next week or so...I am been craving apple pie! :)

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