Thursday, March 29, 2007

Weekly Menu #4

Day 1: Creamy Polenta with Vegetable Caponata
Day 2: Miso glazed chicken with stir fried veggies
Day 3: Spicy Lamb Burgers with sweet potato fries and Greek salad
Day 4: Chinese Sesame Chicken Bites with stir fry veggies and rice (A Taste of Thai Coconut & Ginger Rice is GF! and goes great with this)
Day 5: Beef and Sweet Potato Roast served with salad
Day 6: Shrimp Cocktail, with french fries and green beans (my kids love this one)


Karina said...

Hmmm...that camponata looks tempting and tasty. Can you send me over some? Please?



Slacker Mom said...

Glad you like it...I added a vegetarian link on here, because of your influence. You know I am not a vegetarian, but I think one meal a week vegetarian is a great idea, and a nice balance.

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