Thursday, March 1, 2007

Weekly Menu #1

I find that 6 days of meals actually covers just over a week...with leftovers and other things coming up.

Day 1: Chicken stir fry and brown rice
Day 2: Homemade tomato sauce over pasta(again Tinkyada!) with salad
Day 3: Quesadillas
Day 4: Marinated lamb, with mashed potatoes, greek salad
Day 5: Grilled pork tenderloin, sauteed mixed veggies, banana muffins (for dessert and starch)
Day 6: Chicken Tenders and baked squash
Day 7: Leftovers


chrisd said...

Hi--your recipes are great. I can't use some of them because we have a dairy problem too. fun

Watch out for the Worcestershire Sauce, which contains gluten or at least it can.

Also, store bought salad dressings (vinegar--who knew?)

Anyway, I'll be over to check on your menus. Nice job!

Slacker Mom said...

Thanks for your advice and commenting.

I put in dairy free labels for you, so you can quickly find out which ones are dairy free.

I am doing a dairy test myself right now...I feel for you if you have to give up dairy forever!! (sigh)


ladyBsmiles said...

very nice job with this web site! my dear hubby has had the biopsy, and confirmed that he too is a "celiac" as we refere to it! my youngest daughter has put herself on a gluten free diet, and has rid herself of the migranes she use to have! but the diet was three weeks in, when the Dr. did the blood test...negative! and without the diagnosis/biopsy it can't be confirmed. She is 22 yrs old and feels so much better now! it's not fun learning to cook and subsitute for this diet! and the prices OMG! outragious!!!
Keep up the good work here, and thanks for the future help that you've given me!
thanks, Beth
p.s. im from Simply Sassy's blog site! just wanted to say hi!

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