Monday, September 20, 2010

Some of my favorite products

Long time no blog. Sorry, life has been so busy, blogging has been pushed to the back of my list. I have been getting a lot of questions lately about good gluten free products for people just starting out on this lifestyle. I spent so much time and money at the beginning to find food that tasted good, and I would love to save someone else's time and money. I will be working on this list a little bit at a time, and adding in the links to sites later. For now, just google any products if you are interested. If I don't do this a bit at a time, I will never get this out. So bear with me, and check back, hopefully I will get this all tweaked in a couple of weeks.

Best gluten free pizza:
Joan's Gluten Free Great Bakes ~(the round NY one) Thick, chewy crust, delicious. When I get this, I am so happy. It tastes the closest to real pizza that I have tasted. No one has else has done such a great job. You can also get a plain crust and do your own toppings. Something I wish restaurants would do.
Better Than Bread ~ Thin crust pizza, yummy. I don't feel deprived when I have this.

Best pancakes:
Pamela's Pancake mix. Non-gluten free children tell me how much they love my pancakes.

Best Waffles:
Van's. I love mine pan fried with butter.

Best Bagels :
Joan's Gluten Free Great Bakes ~ Get them frozen, bake them fresh. Hot. Chewy. Yummy. She even makes a dairy free one. Do your self a favor and order some of these and some pizza at the same time to save shipping costs.

Best Bread:
Rudi's ~ I just found this at my local co-op. Great sandwich bread. Like a gluten free bread, best toasted.
Abigail's ~ Bakery in Weare, NH. They have this yummy cinnamon swirl bread made with millet that my children (who can eat gluten) adore as much as I do. It is a dense bread that can stand up to overnight French toast.
Berry Delicious ~ Bakery in Plymouth, NH. She has a sandwich bread that I love as a toast bread in the morning. Great texture.

Best Pie ~
Berry Delicious ~ Bakery in Plymouth, NH. Oh my. Her pie is awesome. I buy them frozen then bake them when I am going to serve them.

Best Brownie Mix ~
Pamela's, hands down.

I will be adding more to this list and getting the links in here soon. Good luck to those who are just starting out on this diet.



theunboring said...

I'm excited to try out some of these that are new to me! I have to say, I have tried every gf bread available in my area and Canyon Bakehouse is by far superior! They have a whole grain bun, 7 grain bread, white bread, cinnamin raisin bread (and a foccacia I have yet to try). Also found a great new snack - GladCorn - which you can purchase online and in some stores. Everyone at work keeps asking me for it. :) Other new favorite is Pamela's Simbplebites Extreme Chocolate Mini Cookies - dunk them in some of Stash's Chocolate Mint Wuyi Oolong Tea (hot of course) - DElightful!!

LV said...

Good Morning! So, I did a quick online search for Better Than Bread and came up empty, even after putting it in quotes and adding "Gluten Free" to the query. Where do you get this? Is it local to you? I'm still looking for that perfect pizza or at least something that will quench that absence in my life!! Thanks

Lynn said...

I have recently discovered the Udi's products. It's the first bread I've eaten since going gluten-free that tastes and has the texture of "real bread" . but now I'll have to try the Joan's!

The Fru-Gals said...

All sounds good! Glad to see you are well!


Allie said...

hey mrs gf -- did you ever get to try Udi's bread? I keep hearing about RUDI's also, but haven't been able to find it yet!

last time i posted for you about Sterks bread, and now I can't even find it.... udi's is definitely my fave so far!

Misty said...

I most certainly have to disagree with your brownie selection. Namaste makes the best brownies I have ever had, gluten free or otherwise. They are incredible.

Allie said...


I'm definitely going to have to check out Berry Delicious in Plymouth - I'm up there every so often to stay at the Common Man Inn, and we always visit Beiderman's (I bring my own GF bread & they're good about keeping it separate) and the Italian Farmhouse also has a GF menu up there (although not really that good)...


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