Friday, April 3, 2009

Triumph Dining: A Review for a Gluten Free Resource

I started this awhile ago, and never got the chance to finish it. Here is my honest review.



I don't know about you; but when I started off having to eat gluten free, I used resources and the web a lot. I came across something called "triumph Dining Cards" but never thought much about it. I didn't think I needed that. You see I thought my eating out experiences would be very limited, or not happen at all.

So why bother?

Why bother indeed? I got contacted by a woman named Jennifer who asked if I would review the latest copy of the Triumph dining. I do not get paid for this or have any agenda or financial interest in this company. I don't want to be paid, otherwise I couldn't say exactly what I feel. I am not tied to anything, except myself and my character; I prefer to be an honest, reliable person. That you can count on.

I procrastinated sending her the info, and then said, "Sure. Why not?" My goal for this blog is to share gluten free food options, and this fits right in.

Well, I just looked at it about two hours ago. And already I love it, and wish I bought one sooner. I think that it is an amazing resource to have, very handy to keep in the car, or bring on a road trip.

There was something that I found amazing.

Gluten Free Pizza. In a town close-by; where we visit often. Where we have family. Where we have ordered pizza for everyone else while I got sushi. Where I can go and eat pizza with my family (they do not need to eat gluten free) and be included.

And. I. Never. Knew. About. It.

Until I got this book. Right there. It would be worth it. And my husband is so excited he is trying to find a day for us to go out there and eat. And this is a man you used to think traveling for just food is crazy.

Funny how things change.

The book now stays in the car, or checked before we travel. Sometimes I bring it along. They have a website now, and a place to add any restaurants you go to to add to their next edition. Go there, check it out, and share the information.


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The Fru-Gals said...

Hi Mrs. G.F.--

My sister in law and 3 of her kids eat GF, this sounds like a great gift for her.



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