Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Chicken - Turned and Roasted

So, I am on a little different diet this week. The first thing I do? Roast a couple of chickens so I have meat already prepared for the family. I just do a few different things to it each night, making it much easier for me.

I flip the chicken after cooking it for awhile, it makes the breast a lot more tender and moister than usual without much effort.

Turned Roasted Chicken

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Place chicken, breast side down, in roasting pan. Season with olive oil, salt and pepper, or whatever you like on your chicken.

Cook for 40 minutes. Flip chicken so it's breast side up. Cook another 25 minutes. Check chicken. It's done when juices run clear and thermometer reads 180 degrees in the thigh.

(And don't forget, you can use the bones to make broth or stock for other recipes!)



Natalie said...

This is a great idea. I often start the week by boiling a chicken so I have the chicken and the stock. I will have to try it this way.

Slacker Mom (aka Mrs. GF) said...

Let me know what you think. I really liked it this way. It felt funny putting the chicken in upside down, but it worked. :)

Pam said...

Hi there:) My husband was diagnosed with celiac about 5 years ago. I have to say that gluten free foods, recipes and awareness have come a very long ways in just those 5 years. I found your site and I'm thrilled with the recipes!!! I've made up a shopping list and am heading to Whole Foods so I can get started on some baking. I love to make things in bulk and have them in the freezer so he always has something to snack on. I still struggle with dinners though. We have 4 kids, so feeding everyone for the month gets pretty costly as it is, but then you throw in the gluten thing and our grocery bill is just huge. Any ideas on cost savings?

Sorry for the long note - but really, such a good site and I can't wait to try out some of your recipes. Thanks so much.

Slacker Mom (aka Mrs. GF) said...

Pam - Your lovely comment made my day. :) Thank you so much!

As far as baking, make sure you try the Katherine Hepburn brownies, easy, few ingredients, and not expensive at all. Your kids won't know the difference.

The ginger cake on this blog is also fabulous, and not my recipe but another blogger's. Check out my sidebar, there are many, many recipes out there now, and many wonderful people who blog.

As far as cost...simple and easy will do it. The roast chicken here? I bought them at Sam's, and made broth for other recipes out of the bones. The other thing I recommend is a book/website ( I should put it on my page, now that I think of it), and most of her stuff is naturally gluten free, or easily made so.


Leanne Ely, she makes up menus and grocery lists, and even had a budget one I believe on her website. there are free samples, so check that out.

I hope that helps. Have a wonderful day, and please come back again!!


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