Thursday, May 24, 2007



It's here, and I have been loving (almost every) minute if it. I have been feeling so good, and I have been doing so much. As a matter of fact, some days I am doing TOO much. And, then I pay for it for a couple of days, then I am right back out there, gardening, going for walks with my husband, and being happy.

That's why my posts have come to a screeching halt.

I am eight months gluten free, and for the most part it is great. I am used to thinking about what I eat and I am now safe at home. But I do miss the freedom of eating out, at friend's houses, and I miss bread, real crusty bread.

Yesterday, my husband and I walked to downtown from our home, a nice walk, about 3 miles. It was a gorgeous spring day. One of the magical ones. We stopped at a little cafe downtown to get a cappuccino and walk a bit more before returning home.

As we were waiting, suddenly I felt dizzy, and overwhelmed. I glanced at the menu on the wall....panini sandwiches, salads with crusty bread, and the peasant lunch..soup, salad and crusty bread. How delicious it all sounded!!! I was dizzy with desire...and yes...sad. I looked at the menu with my husband, and whispered wistfully, " Sometimes I can't believe I can never eat this again...I miss it..."

Now I must tell you, I have never cheated, nor will I. I don't get tempted per se, but I WANT, knowing I can never have.

There is not sad ending to this little story, we left the shop, and went down to our town's cheese shop. We sampled cheeses and bought some for that night. Nothing like cheese, really good cheese, to cheer a girl up.

Why did I share this? I am not quite sure. Maybe other people feel this way too, and it's always nice to know you aren't alone. Maybe to explain why I have not been here. And maybe, to show people who are just starting out, who think they will never feel any better, that they will. It will be great.

I didn't think it would ever come when I read about other people. And it did. You just wait.

And here is one of my favorite quickie children adore this rice. They dance when I serve it. Check the label..always. The Garlic Basil is a little spicy. My young children prefer, and love, the Coconut Ginger.

A Taste of Thai Rice...YUM!


Anne said...

I've been gluten free since I was 14, and today is my 40th birthday. And mostly, being gf is absolutely fine - just occasionally (maybe once every 2 years) I have a small hissy fit about the unfairness of it all, and then I'm OK again for another couple of years.

(This year it was about not being able to have Hot Cross Buns - but then I found some, and they're delicious - and not in an "I suppose they're OK, at least they're gf" way - they're genuinely delicious, so I guess this year's hissy fit wasn't really necessary... )

So yes, the moments of sadness do hit every now and then, but they get fewer and further apart - the most tedious aspect is generally having to explain the diet to someone for their first time - it stops being interesting, and it's not how I want to be identified.

Lea Ray said...

I get hit with those moments of sadness. So I know exactly how you felt when you saw that menu. But then remember how good we feel and we get over it.

I usually do what you did that day, have a piece of cheese. At least that hasn't been taken away from us.

Slacker Mom (aka Mrs. GF) said...

Anne - You have been gluten free a long time...congrats! It's nice to know I am not alone with missing some foods...and I guess I will have my "hissy" fits too. And, I agree completely..explaining IS a pain.

Lea ray - Thanks for commenting. And it's true..I would rather feel this way without gluten..then before with it. Thank goodness for cheese..and that is hysterical that you eat it to cheer yourself up too!

Karen said...

Congrats on being gluten free for 8 months! That is a big deal! I must say, it does get easier with time, when you find new wonderful food items to replace the ones you used to . . . I have been GF a year now, and I still get wistful when I am out for dinner from time to time, but little by little it improves. Good for you for not giving in to temptation! :)


Natalie said...

I used to love to eat at places like that too- My husband says it is too bad that I was the one with the gluten intolerance because I am the one who loves food so much! I think my love for delicious things helps me cope though. That and cappuccinos. For my husband it would be cheese!

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