Monday, December 8, 2008

Gluten Free Dining in New England: New Hampshire, Boston and In Between

I am a New England girl, born and raised. I grew up in Massachusetts, and have settled here in New Hampshire. I have a few, not many, restaurants that have gluten free menus, or are very amenable to gluten free eating, that I love to go to. That I count on when I need to get out. I thought a list here would be great for people driving through, or traveling to this part of the country. I am also keeping this list for myself, it's nice to have a full reference compiled.

I would also recommend to call ahead if possible. Even though a lot of these places I say that I don't need to call ahead, I do if I am making plans ahead of time. If we have a last minute plan, I know I can still eat there.

Here goes:
Concord, New Hampshire Gluten Free Restaurants

The Common Man (various locations in New Hampshire) ~ There are a string of the Common Man restaurants up and down Route 93, usually right off a highway exit. They make it an easy place to stop when traveling. I have a good time at these restaurants, there is always something to eat. I find the dinner menu more comprehensive than the lunch menu, and the wait staff attentive. Actually, there isn't a printed gluten free menu, you ask the wait staff for a printed up list as to what is currently gluten free on the menu. If you go to the Italian Farmhouse restaurant up in Plymouth, NH, call ahead so they can prep your pasta ahead of time for you, otherwise you may have to wait just a bit extra for your food to be served.

Centennial Inn ~ The Granite Room Restaurant ~ This is an upscale restaurant located past the center of town in Concord, near where the old state hospital used to be. It is contemporary cuisine, with a flourish. There isn't a gluten free menu, but again the wait staff knows about gluten free eating, and cal tell you what you cam have. I usually have a few great things to choose from.

Nonni's ~ I have not yet gotten a chance to eat here. I am planning on going soon. I met the head chef at a fundraiser, and asked if they had any gluten free offerings. They do!! I have heard wonderful things about this restaurant, so I was so pleased the hear that they have gluten free pasta, as well as gluten free pizza crusts.

Uno Chicago Grill ~ I had heard that they were testing out gluten free pizzas, cheese or pepperoni, as certain locations. I don't know if that is true, but the one in Concord does have them, and I did run out and try one. It is a thin crust, and tastes great, although a bit was about eleven dollars. The opportunity to eat pizza out with my children? Priceless.

Outback Steakhouse
~ There is something a little special about the Outback Steakhouse in Concord, NH. And, it is a bit of a secret. You see, the manager has worked out something with a local gluten free baker to supply bread for his gluten free customers. That means you get your own gluten free loaf to eat before dinner, and buns for hamburgers

Manchester, New Hampshire Gluten Free Restaurants

Z's ~ The decor and food make me feel like I am somewhere hip and happening, which sometimes in gets hard to feel that way. The food is excellent and the staff attentive. The chef (shout out to Tom!! Hi!!) makes some great food. There isn't a gluten free menu, but they all know about gluten free eating, and are willing to make some modifications to make dishes work for you. I always have a few things to choose from.

Gauchos ~ I have not eaten here since I have been gluten free. I did make a call when I was planning on going (plans fell through), and they told me all their meats were gluten free except for the sausage. The food was delicious, and it is a fun restaurant. I plan on calling and trying it as a gluten free eater. If you go, or have gone, let me know how it went!!

Cotton ~ I went here with friends. You don't have to call ahead, and the wait staff is very well informed. There isn't a gluten free menu, but with all restaurants that prepare their own food, they can modify as needed. This restaurant has gotten some great reviews and is worth a visit.

CJ Sparks~ I hate to say 'ditto', but I will have to in this case. CJ Sparks service was akin to Cotton. (see above)

Bedford Village Inn ~ I went to this restaurant with my husband and a work party. Again, no gluten free menu, but a great gluten free meal was prepared for me. I did not have to call ahead, and the wait staff was great.

Boston, Massachusetts Gluten Free Restaurants

Marco's, North End (the Italian section of Boston) ~ I just heard about this, but have not been yet. I am so excited to try this out with my husband. We had our first date in Boston and the North End. I heard that if you notify them a day ahead of time, you will even have gluten free bread to dip into the olive oil at the table.

Wagamama, Fanueil Hall, Boston ~ I went here once. they only had 2 or 3 meals that were gluten free.But it was delicious. I had it to go and sat outside with my family. (They got pizza!)

Legal Seafoods (various locations) ~ They have a gluten free menu. Good seafood, good locations.

Joe's American Bar & Grill (various locations, in various states) ~ It has been awhile since I have been here, and I cannot remember if they had a gluten free menu. I got a salad, and it was good. This restaurant has a great location on the water. Nothing beats eating outside on a beautiful day here.

P.F. Chang's (various locations, various states) ~ I think everyone already knows about this restaurant!! :)

Other towns in Massachusetts

Burton's Grill - (various locations) I went to the one in Andover, MA with my parents and children. I had calamari. Fried. Delicious. Even my Mom thought it was wonderful. I also ate a delicious gluten free pasta here, and enjoyed every bite. They have an entire menu here for gluten free eaters, not just an entree or two.

Life Alive (Lowell, MA) ~ Great little cafe. Vegan. Health Food. Gluten Free options. Need I say anymore? But I will. I had a lovely soup from this cafe. Thick creamy broccoli soup. I do not remember the other options offered, so there may be more than soup available.

Not Your Average Joe's (various locations) ~ I visited the location in Newburyport, MA. It was delicious. There was a menu printed out for gluten free eaters, with modifications that were needed right on the menu.

Other towns in New Hampshire

Flatbread Pizza
(various locations) ~ Portsmouth, NH is where I first went out for pizza with my family. To be able to eat pizza with my children out, was an amazing experience, I had tears in my eyes.

Polly's Pancake Parlor (Sugar Hill, NH) ~ I have not eaten here. I would like to, but have not yet made my way there. If you have had a gluten free experience here, please leave a comment and let us know how it was!!

Rafferty's Restaurant and Pub (North Conway, NH) ~ An entire gluten free menu. I was able to have gluten free onion rings with my daughter. I salivated over the entire menu, it was so difficult to choose. If you are craving gluten free pub grub and you are near here - GO!

Bellini's (North Conway, NH) ~ An Italian restaurant. I have never been here, but know they have a gluten free menu. Enjoy!



~M said...

Thanks so much for sharing, Danielle! Although I no longer live in Boston, I know that my husband and I will be back to visit often. And you had some restaurants that I didn't have. But you didn't include some that I wanted to share with you:

B. Good, Boloco, Chipotle, & Qdoba (Harvard Sq. and various other places) all have gf options, and are informal/easy on the wallet.

The Elephant Walk in the Fenway area has a gf menu and serves super-tasty French Vietnamese cuisine. It's moderately fancy and expensive.

Jake and Earl's Dixie Barbeque in Waltham has a gf menu (I've never been though).

Kick Ass CupCakes in Somerville, MA has gf cupcakes, but, honestly, I like my own better :)

Henrietta's Table in Harvard Sq. serves fresh New England cuisine, with an emphasis on produce and other delicacies from local farms. Their staff is very knowledgeable about what's gf, and everything I've ever eaten there is fabulous.

And two grocery stores:
The Natural Food Exchange grocery store in Reading, MA

"A New Leaf" grocery store with large gf section in Needham, MA

Suzanne Ellinwood/Robin Broadbent said...

Hi Danielle--

This is a great post--I am sure there are a ton of people who would be interested in a list of GF restaurant choices. Have you been to Cafe Indigo on Hall Street? I wonder if they have gluten free options. It's vegan and adorable, and probably worth checking out.


Mrs. G.F. said...

~ M ~ Thank you for your additions to the list! You have some new things in there that I didn't know! We just got a Boloco in Concord 2 days ago, how are they for cross-contact?

I had heard about The Elephant Walk, but have yet to go there, I have to try it soon!

Thanks again!

Suz ~ Thanks for the suggestion, I have yet to try there. :)

~M said...

I usually showed the boloco employees what I could eat and asked them to change gloves.

Anonymous said...

The Boynton in Worcester has a gluten-free menu on Wednesdays & gluten-free pizza & beer (!) available every day.

Stacey said...

I love your list of restaurants her. I might have to add some of them to my list if you don't mind. Thanks for the great discriptions.

Rojario said...

One of my colleagues is a celiac sufferer who gets celiac shock to even consuming small amount of gluten. He must be happy to have this enormous list organized nicely. Though he does not have to remove oats from his diet.

Mrs. G.F. said...

Rojario ~ I am so glad that your friend will enjoy this list. I hope to add more as I try out more.

Have a wonderful day!

Allie said...

Hey! Just saw this post... I'm always up in Manchester - my fiance's family lives there -- AND, we got engaged at the Common Man Inn in Plymouth! We go there every year in October - it's one of my most favorite places, and I have always found Foster's Steakhouse to be very accommodating. I didn't realize the Italian Farmhouse could do gluten free? I assumed not -- we'll have to try it next time. Do they have gluten free pasta?

Thanks for posting -- i will be sure to refer back!

Mrs. G.F. said...

Allie ~ Yes! the Italian Farmhouse does do gluten free pasta, and if you call ahead they will prep it for you. It takes longer than the regular pasta, since they have to heat up a fresh pot and it takes a bit to cook.

So glad you found out about it! I love eating there.

nicki said...

Love all the info! I am currently staying in Concord and wanted to mention a few places. Heavenly Fodder, on Elm St in Manchester is a dedicated gluten free bakery/store. It's awesome, and they sell their products wholesale to Nonnis as well as The Barley House in Concord. Haven't checked it out yet.
In Hooksett, coner of Bypass 28 and Route 3, there's a wonderful Natural Food store with a huge gluten free section, largest I've seen.
"Juice it Up" in Manchester is owned by the hubby of one of the women running Heavenly Fodder and they offer GF paninis!
-Blue Moon Cafe, Exeter, NH has baked goods and sandwiches
Popovers, Portsmouth-I work here, we offer GF sandwiches, salads, and desserts
Anello's opened March 09 in downtown Portsmouth, completely GF/peanut free restaurant-absolutely wonderful!

Excited about Boloco here in Concord!

Mrs. G.F. said...

Thanks for adding this info...I should have updated this list, I have tried Anello's as well as Heavenly Fodder and enjoyed both very much!

I did not know Popover's offered GF sandwiches!! That is GREAT!! How are they?

Hope you are enjoying all this rain!!

nicki said...

Do you feel ready for the floods?! The sandwiches are great at Popovers, and they go to great lengths to prevent cc. The Indian Pudding is also excellent!
Just found out that Weeksie's Pizza in Dover has GF pizza now. What an exciting time for us!
I went to Stone Hearth in Boston a couple weeks ago, it was also to die for! Love all our options...I almost get overwhelmed!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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