Friday, November 7, 2008

Sunglasses, Guest Blogger, & Last Post about Paris

I know, I know. I keep on coming back to Paris. How can I help it? I promise, this will be the last post that I write about it, and, I have to say, this post is only a little about Paris. (Down in the middle of the post are the links to the "travel there" information, if that's what you are looking for.) Mostly, it's about taking off my sunglasses.

As many have noticed, my profile picture never showed my entire face, until now. Until Paris. My husband was a bit skeptical about blogs, and about revealing my identity. I promised him I wouldn't, and kept that promise, except for one small thing.

My name. Mrs. G.F. is actually my married name. It is my true identity. It was too clever not to use. And that is how my blog title and blogger name came to be.

I digress. We were at Angelina's, I was drinking the infamous, luscious hot chocolate, my husband had the same and a croissant, and we chatted for our first morning in Paris. Having time alone to talk, and to think together for so many hours, days, alone, without other distractions was a true gift. The rest, the city, the food, the culture, were all a beautiful bonus.

I am happy. Content. My body has healed itself from eating a gluten free diet. I have the world's most amazing friends who prepare food for me that is gluten free, when they have parties, have me over for coffee, or just a drop off to taste something that they made that is naturally gluten free. I have a husband that totally understands, and has re-arranged our home to accommodate my needs, and the rest of my family's needs. The family holiday meals always has food for me to eat. It is wonderful after being sick, to realize health.

In this place of coming back to myself, new and improved, and with more understanding about blogs, and how these gluten free blogs help so many people. I have changed a few things. My personal profile is updated if you want to know a little more about me. And, if you check out my profile picture, you'll see I have taken the sunglasses off (with my husband's blessing, of course!!).

And, now I will introduce myself. My name is Danielle, I am Mrs. G.F., and I live in New Hampshire (a great state if I do say so myself). Nice to meet you. I love sharing the realities of living on a gluten free diet, and I love food. Always have, always will.


I was a guest blogger today. If you head over to the CeliacChicks, you'll see my post about my Paris trip there. The two posts I have on eating gluten free in Paris, France have different links, connections, and tips. Make sure to check out each one if you are heading to the City of Lights.

Gluten Free Travel Paris ~ Tips, Links, & Information
Gluten Free Travel: A Gluten Free Guide to Paris


In the next couple of weeks, I plan to do a product review, a book review (way overdue!!), and hopefully, a couple of new recipes for you that I need to tweak.

In the meantime, stay happy and healthy,



mrs.naramor said...

Danielle! I will check out the post over at Celiac Chicks. Thanks for all the gf support you have given me with your blog. And you are a hottie ;)

Mrs. G.F. said...

Natalie ~Thank you for the lovely comment. This is a great community...the gf blogger one. I feel blessed to be part of it.
(All the same things are true about you too. From me, and others) :)

glutenfreeforgood said...

Loved your post at CeliacChicks, so thought I'd come by and visit. Aahh, Paris! Such a wonderful city.

Mrs. G.F. said...

Melissa ~ Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. :)
Paris..still wish I was there. I am suffering from PPD ~ Post Paris Depression. :)

Kelly said...

You're a hottie, no wonder he wanted you to keep your sunglasses on! :)

Simply...Gluten-free said...

It is nice to met you Danielle! Love Paris! There is never too much to say about Paris.

Suzanne Ellinwood/Robin Broadbent said...

Mrs. G.F.--

How lovely that you and your husband had an opportunity to connect in the city of light. Your blog is an inspiration.

Amy W.

Mrs. G.F. said...

Kelly ~ You make me blush!! ;)

Simply GlutenFree ~ I am so happy to hear someone else say that there can never be enough Paris!! :)

Amy (aka Suzanne) ~ Thanks for stopping by, I know how busy you are!! Thank you so much for the compliment. :) Coffee sometime soon?

Anonymous said...

Did you know that USA and Europe blocked Wikileaks? What do you think about it?
Thank you

Anonymous said...

Moving style. I wish I could write that way.

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