Monday, December 10, 2007

Cookies I will be making.

I have been compiling my own list of cookie recipes for this Christmas. I have been saving them on bookmarks and thought that others might want access to it. So, I just threw this list out there, and now I have it handy for myself as well. There are naturally gluten free cookie recipes I have found that I am going to make this year as well recipes that have been re-modeled to be gluten free.

I started my search with my heritage; I am Italian-American and I knew of a couple of recipes out there that I thought were gluten free, and I was rewarded with a couple of recipes. There are also some recipes from fellow bloggers in there as well. I love the recipes that are designed to be gluten free all on their own.

But I also want some of my favorites, so I included those re-made recipes in here. Now, I haven't tried them, I am planning on baking some, but I a
m not going to stress out to make a bunch of cookies; I plan on enjoying my Christmas season.

If you make any of these, let me know how they turned out. I don't know when I will be making these. I will fit baking between things, or do it with my children for fun.

There is going to be a mega-list of cookie recipes from Carrie at her Ginger Lemon blog on the 17th. I will post a link here when it's up. I also may be adding to this list, I haven't had a chance to re-find every recipe that I was thinking about.

And, since commercial almond paste usually contains gluten, here is one site that I found that has gluten free almond paste, Love n Bake, make sure to check all your ingredient labels!!

Happy Holidays!!

Christmas Cookie Lists

Naturally Gluten Free

Pignoli Cookies

Hazelnut and Almond Cookies
Cinnamon Stars
Peanut Butter Kisses
Peppermint Fudge

Honeycomb Candy

Recipes remade Gluten Free

Brutti Boni (these have 2T flour, I plan on using sorghum)
Fruit and Nut Cookies
Rosemary's Christmas cookies
Ginger Snaps
Gluten Free Layer Bars
Chocolate Financiers

and happy holidays!


Rose said...

This year will be my first attempt at making gluten free Christmas cookies. I am looking forward to trying the already-tested perfect treats here. Your list is impressive!

Carrie said...

I can't wait to try quite a few of these too!!! I'm so excited about the list of christmas cookies!! I want to post it now!! ;-)

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