Monday, July 2, 2007

Boston - Quincy Market..gluten free with flexibility!

It has been busy here, as it can get during the summer with two wonderful children - who are out tearing around the neighborhood somewhere. I have not been great about blogging recipes, but I will get back on it, so I will at least getting one or two new ones up each week.

I will try.

I am trying to simplify my food for the summer, so it will be easier and I won't feel tied to the kitchen. And, since I am feeling so great now, I want to do more, be outside, and be social with my friends, and children.

But, I digress. I wanted to jot a quick note about Quincy Market in Boston for anyone that might head that way, needing to be gluten free.

I love Quincy Market, and for those of you who haven't been there, it is a huge building filled with restaurant stalls of great food. I used to go there all the time. This was my first time there since not being able to eat what I want.

There is a Legal Seafood close to Fanueil Hall, so you could always eat there; they have a gluten free menu. We were going to eat there, but we feel like eating at a restaurant. Navy Boy and I wanted to take the children and eat casually at Quincy Market.

So taking my new idea of flexibility with me, we went. Navy Boy and children got pizza..Regina Pizza. Man, did that smell good!!! I went back in and browsed. To tell the truth..there wasn't much there to eat. I also did not want to get into a huge discussion. It was crowded and busy, and the stalls were getting ready to close.

I ended uo finding a beautiful shrimp cocktail plate at one of the seafood stalls. The shrimp were huge. It was expensive, but I would have spent more at the restaurant. So, I go my shrimp, shared some and then we got gelato for dessert.

And the best part?

It was fine. It was easy. And we did what we wanted, without getting tied down to a certain restaurant to eat. I felt freer than I have in awhile.

(By the way, sorry, about the lack of photos. We forgot the camera. We were very bummed, since it was my youngster's birthday, and now, no photos of the day!)


~M said...

Hi Slacker Mom! By the way, Wagamama, which is also in Faneuil Hall, has many gf choices. Check it out:

Rochelle said...

Hi -- I didn't realize you were Boston based -- we are too. I'd love to figure out more kid/ teen friendly places to eat in Boston.

kbabe1968 said...

Hadn't realized you were away! SORRY! Sounds like the trip was great. and I are alot alike - I HATE the extra attention b/c of food issues!

Quincy Market looks amazing. Is it open in late fall? We will be in Boston for a business trip for hubby. I'll be seeking you out for some good places to eat! :D

Slacker Mom (aka Mrs. GF) said...

M- Thank you so much for the tip! I did not know about that restaurant, it's good to have some on the list.

Rochelle - I am not Boston based, I live north of the city now. I grew up pretty close to the city, and haunted it regularly in my 20's. I love Boston. :)

Kbabe - Yes..Quincy Market is open year round. Fall is the best time to go...if I find gluten free places in the North End (Italian can smell garlic in the air..yum!)(Oh and historically, the whole Paul Revere thing happened there too. :), I will let you know, that is my favorite place in Boston, I think! I used to go there all the time, but haven't really gone since babies and now this diet change.

I digress. :)

Thanks for commenting.

Happy 4th!

kbabe1968 said...

COOL!!!! THANKS...I think we're staying at the Cambridge Marriot? I'm not sure...where is Cambridge?

Last time we were in Boston (pre-kids, say 12 years ago!!!)...we stayed in the north end. I remember passing the Paul Revere stuff everywhere...we even toured the outside of the house. We took the T to a big park to watch Shakespeare in the Park. It was great. Well....except for the portapotties...that's another story! LOL :D


carla said...

To whom it may concern;

I am writing to inform you of our new Gluten free menu. About 4 yrs ago my sister Christine and I opened nebo restaurant at 90 N. Washington St. in Boston’s North End. Nebo is a traditional Italian restaurant offering dishes based on recipes that were passed down from our mother and grandmother. After being open for about a year, two of our closest friends were told they had Celiac disease. We then realized just how many people this disease has affected and the need for an alternative for their dining restrictions. Determined to serve our friends their favorites, we set upon making our menu available in a gluten free form. We are thrilled to say that we have now produced 90% of our menu with the same great taste as our regular menu. We don't think there has been an accomplishment that has brought us more pleasure. If you would like us to forward a copy of our Gluten free menu please send a menu request to .

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