Sunday, April 15, 2007

Local Organic Produce

I just wanted to give out some information. So many of us talk about local, fresh, organic produce, but where do you get it if you never have gotten it before?

There is something called Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). Basically, you pay for a "share", and prices will vary on the program you choose (family, single. and whatever else your local one may offer). Every week for the duration of the program, you will get your share of fresh, organic, and local produce.

The produce will be varied, and you may get some stuff you have no idea what it is, or how to use it. You can just ask when you pick up your box. The farmers are more than happy to share recipes and and other information.

I will tell you how mine works for an example. Mine starts in June (I can't wait!), and runs for 18 weeks. My family gets the single share (there are 2 adults and 2 children) and that is plenty for us. We supplement our produce with farm stands, and this year our own small garden, as needed.

I highly recommend this; we have loved it and once other friends have seen us do it; they have wanted to join too.

Click here to see if there is a program like this near you.


b said...

that is so cool! I just looked up the farm down the street from me, and they are already sold out for the season! Maybe next year I can get in on it earlier.

Slacker Mom said...


I am so glad that there is one so close to you..too bad it sold out!!!

Thank goodness there are farmer markets and the like..are there any in your town?

Natalie said...

Mine starts today! There is one close by that is still accepting members. I will have to check it out.
Thanks for a great post!

Slacker Mom said...


I am so jealous that yours starts already!!!!! It is still horrible weather here..nor'easter and all...


I can't wait for flowers and spring!!!

kbabe1968 said...

WOW...thanks for the link. There are TWO farms in my area! I'm going to talk to hubby about looking into it. Thanks! I would have never known!

Chrlane said...

Hmm. Looks like an American thing. I'll have to see if there's a Canadian version. Meanwhile, we are planning a great big veggie patch for the yard this summer. :)

Karen said...

Wow! What a great idea blog! I am GF, too and am always open to new and yummy recipes ( even though I wish I was a better cook.)You have motivated me to check around in my area as well. Thanks!

Karen said...
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Slacker Mom said...

Chrlane - A big veggie patch sounds awesome. This year we are having our first, so it will be small. My symptoms were joint pain, so I never had the energy to do one before I am so excited. I hope you can find sometihng simliar in canada!

Karen- I am so glad that you are enjoying this.Thnak you so much for commenting. :) I hope you find one near you!!

Anonymous said...
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